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On the Threshold of Summer

Snowball Viburnum macrocephalum             

Wood Forget-me-not Myosotis sylvatica

Lily of the Valley Convallaria majalis

'Apricot Beauty'

Daylilly, Annual Honesty (Money Plant)       


Bleeding Heart Dicentra spectabilis      

Purple Iris 


Aquilegia vulgaris



The lovely lilacs

I do love, love lilacs... the scent, the colours. And the fact that they really are the harbingers of summer. 


  1. Hallo Sandra! Thank you for sharing those lovely pictures! Just breathtaking Flowerphotos!!!

    Have a nice Sunday, my friend!


  2. The flowers are very beautiful, especially the ball shaped ones. So many colours, so many flowers!

  3. Your photos are always so beautiful you capture the light perfectly thanks for sharing!! I also love lilacs they are such a beautiful sight lets you know summer is on it's way :)

  4. A stunning series of lovely flowers! Your photos radiate the essence of the flowers, so beautiful, and the collage is delightfully arranged. I always sigh in amazement and contentment when visiting this blog. Thank you, Sandra.

  5. Sandra que maravillosas fotos e quedado encantada con ellas, las flores realmente preciosas, saludos Marisol.

  6. Oh, Sandra, how beautiful! Love, love, love these images of your gorgeous flowers! So summery!
    I don't have luck with lupins, forget-me-nots and lily-of the-valley in my garden. Yours are wonderful! Lilac pictures are wonderful!

  7. Sandra, the flowers are magnificent, thank you!

  8. Hello, Helene!
    Hello, Autumn Belle!
    Hello, Creations and Inspirations!
    Hello, Stardust!
    Hello, Tatyana!
    Hello, Tattina!
    Thank you everyone! I am glad you liked them.

    Talibra - Dziękuję za odwiedziny! Pozdrawiam

    Marisol - Muchas gracias !

  9. ¿Y después de entrar al paraíso qué se puede opinar?
    ¡Maravillosamente bellísimo!
    La felicito.
    Me devuelven las imágenes al mundo de los seres que dejan ver la esencia de todo lo que les rodea y, allí anida su alma.

    Un saludo. Elisa

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