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Pilsēta zied!

Rīga ir ietinusies ziedu plīvurā. Šogad bagātīgi zied ceriņi, rododendri, acālijas un citi dekoratīvie krūmi un  koki.

Doma baznīcas laukumā atkal lielajos toveros  izvietoti milzīgi rododendru krūmi.


  1. Piękne miasto i piękne zdjęcia...

  2. que bella ciudad y los jardines ni se diga una maravilla, saludos Marisol.

  3. WOW!! Sooooo beautiful! You are a great photographer:o)

    Thank you for sharing those lovely pictures!


  4. Georgous! Oh how I wish Azaleas would grow here :)

  5. What a beautiful city! I have not seen Riga in spring, and didn't know what I was missing. Those lilacs are incredible, and so are the rhododendrons. I love the architecture too. Thank you very much for posting, I enjoyed looking at your pictures.

  6. Wow, Sandra, that was beautiful. I'm thinking those must be lilac trees. They don't grow here but I just saw some when I was in a northern state. Wonderful photos! And wherever you were is gorgeous.

  7. Hi, Gabi!

    Hi, Vitamina!

    Hi, Marisol!

    Hi, Helene!

    Hi, Kendra!

    Thank you everyone! I am glad you liked them.

  8. Hi, Masha!

    Hi, Meems!

    Thank you for yours lovely comments!
    I am glad that you noticed not only the wonderful rhododendrons, but also all those old lilac trees. To me the lilac is a symbol of springtime. Light and airy . I absolutely love lilacs, both for the scent and the color.

  9. Hi Sandra, you really have beautiful pictures! how wonderful garden!

  10. Hola Beatriz! Mucha gracias por haber venido visitarme.

  11. It looks like a dream with all those gorgeous flowers everywhere! Lovely captures. :)

  12. What a beautiful city Riga is! The whole city looks blooming in lusters of colors and fragrance and in perfect harmony. This post made me want to go there in person. Thank you for sharing, Sandra.

    I've been unable to post a comment with my Googld Account to some people including you, so i'll use URL and name.

  13. Pięknie tam i kolorowo, pozdrawiam.

  14. Oooo Sandra
    You photos are brethtaking!!!
    Riga is so beautiful town!!!
    Very nice buildings, flowers, parks, is a paradise!!!
    Sure visits it someday...
    Thank you from my heart for this wonderful COLORED WALK!!!!
    Many greetings and kisses

  15. Hello, Stardust !

    Hello, Diana !

    Thankt you so much for visiting me and your sweet coments !
    Thank you my blogging friends !

  16. Talibra !
    Dziękuję za odwiedziny i pozdrawiam .

  17. Hello, Donald!
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  18. I’m recalling our spring, and I have to say your floral haze consists of some soft mellow colors while ours is mostly pink of cherry blossoms. We have lilacs but not so popular as in your country. Now that we are in autumn, this is a nice memory of spring through your wonderful photos. Have a nice weekend, Sandra.