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The magic of Peonies

The heat wave that has kept the Latvian baking over the past weeks continues unrelentingly, with record temperatures being recorded in several Latvian cities on Thursday, capital of Riga was at 33˚C.

Well hope everyone is surviving this heat wave...

'Old Lace' 

I do believe it is my favorite time of all in the garden. So many scents and colors, unlimited beauty. It's that magical time again, when the Peonies for a brief but spectacular show.

This week I visited the Peony Show at the Latvian National Museum of Art .

'Dawn glow'

'Boule de neige'

'Etched Salmon'

'Garden Treasure'

'Cora Louise'

'Julia Rose'

 'Isani Gidui'



  1. no puedo creer que haya tanta variedad de flores , de colores y formas , hermosas fotos y los lugares muy pero muy bellos, saludos Marisol.

  2. Przepiękne piwonie, chętnie bym niektóre posadziła w swoim ogrodzie.
    Pozdrawiam, miłego weekendu :)

  3. Cuda Sandro pokazujesz ,jestem zachwycona pięknością i ilością piwonii ,A ja myślałam ,że jest tylko parę odmian ,,,chciało by się je wszystkie mieć ....pozdrawiam

  4. Marisol - Muchas gracias !

    Talibra !

    Bogusia !

    Dziękuję za miły komentarz. Dziękuję za odwiedziny i pozdrawiam.
    Zgadzam się, piwonie są fantastyczny kwiatek! Też je lubię.

  5. Magnifique , les fleurs quel bonheur toujours renouvelé !!!
    bises de louise

  6. Wow and wow! What gorgeous peonies! You enchanted me with the magic of peonies. I love them all and especially like "Old Lace" and "Cora Louise".

    How is the heat wave there? Stay cool, Sandra.

    Yoko alias stardust, Japan

  7. Looking through your pictures, I could almost feel the fragrance! Wonderful post, it was great to look at so many peonies. I am sorry about your heat wave, I went outside just now and it was so cold I put on a sweater, and then a coat... Send some heat over to us!

  8. OH! Breathtaking! Glorious! I have never seen so many peonies at once. What a wonderful experience. Thank you for sharing it with everyone! Garden Treasure looks as if it were carefully sculpted, then painted with a fine brush. Thank you, Sandra! It is a beautiful post.

  9. Bonjour Sandra...ton reportage est magnifique et les variétés de pivoines sont superbes. J'ai retenu "Treasure garden" pour son originalité.J'espère que cette vage de chaleur qui affecte ton pays s'arrange. C'est toujours inquiétant pour la population.
    amicalement jocelyne

  10. Bonjour elles sont magnifiques j'adore tes fleurs
    ces couleurs je repasse

  11. Georgous what fun a Peony show! You guys must have stole all of our heat because we have had record lows and an extremely cold spring and early summer here in Utah...the good news is that my Peonies are in full bloom aswell. LOVE this time of year all things with new growth ahh...

  12. Hello, Yoko!

    Hello, Masha!

    Hello, Sandra!

    Hello, Kendra!

    Thank you everyone! I am glad you liked them.
    Here in Latvia the heat wave is over and we have returned to cold weather (only +15°C), but it's good...
    Yes, the peonies are very, very charming . 'Garden Treasure' and 'Old Lace' are my favorites too.
    I have a few varieties - pink and white :)

  13. not-louise

    Le Jardin de Chêneland


    Bonne soiree et merci pour tous vos commentaires !
    Merci de cette visite.
    Bon mercredi.

  14. Oh, really, it's a fairytale!
    Great show.
    Thank you, Sandra.