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Apricot-orange blooms - what a fantastic treasure for my garden!

'Westerland' is a climbing rose. It has flowers that are sunset orange in color. The plant blooms in clusters of these lovely blooms that really stand out from a long distance away. In the summer, the blooms come in such profusion that the fragrance from them will waft on the breeze for quite a long ways. The fragrance is a wonderful. My camera is a cheap one that doesn't really capture the colors of 'Westerland' well. I just wish that all could see how beautiful this plant is.

4 komentāri:

  1. mmm...rose and it's color are gorgeous!

  2. Hi, Sandra! I’ll never get tired of seeing these beautiful roses. Your photos nicely convey the lovely color of apricot orange or sunset color as you call, soft texture, and gentle layers of petals, and I feel like that sweet fragrance is wafting. Indeed, they are the treasure of your garden. Thanks for sharing.


  3. j' aime beaucoup votre rosier mandarine
    le Mm Méilland est le seul que je possède de cette couleur
    autrement c' est souvent des roses et des rouges
    je fait un autre essai pour le messege ?????
    bonne journée
    edith ( iris )

  4. Labai džiaugiuosi suradusi Jūsų blogą.
    Nuostabus sodas ir nuostabios rožės !