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This winter in Latvia

In this winter very cold weather started only at the end of January. Coldness in Latvia is holding a very long time.In last night at several parts of Latvia the temperature went down below -30 C. Currently in Riga temperature is below -20 C. The effect becomes much worse because of wind and the air humidity, so currently it's really better to stay inside and dreaming about warm summer days.

We have around snow on the frozen trees.

 Ice flowers and beautiful frost work on a window glass.

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  1. Piękna zima u Ciebie i sikorki :)
    Pozdrawiam serdecznie.

  2. Zima piękne kwiaty wymalowała, ale zdecydowanie przyjemniej ogląda się kwiaty w doniczce i w ogrodzie. Pozdrawiam.

  3. Hola Sandra hermosas fotos me encantan y el pajarillo esta muy bonito.

  4. Bonjour Sandra, il fait très froid aussi chez nous en ce moment mais pas autant que chez toi, il y a un vent glacial qui donne envie de rester bien au chaud !

    Bonne semaine

  5. pauvres petits oiseaux
    les images de givre sur les vitres sont superbes
    vous avez de la chance avec votre jacynthe
    la mienne ne s' ouvre pas , et elle est blanche comme
    la votre
    ici en France ( Normandie ) il fait - 8°
    bonne journée

  6. Hi, Sandra! A big cold air mass on Siberia seems to have brought intense cold and much snow in Europe and Japan. We are having the coldest winter in 20 years, but it hasn’t snowed yet in my region. I haven’t seen such beautiful ice flowers and frosts on the window like in your photos. I like the white flower pot and the lace mat. I’m thankful for having four seasons, as I can recall the colors of spring in the midst of winter. Thank you for the spring beauties as well as winter beauties around you. Stay warm.


  7. Lovely photos! We just got our first bit of winter as well. We usually have a lot more snow by now I feel like we have had the lonest fall ever no snow and everything is brown I need some color! I am excited for spring! Thanks for the eye candy :)

  8. J'espère que les fleurs de ton jardin ne subissent pas trop de dommages avec ce froid intense et que tu vas les retrouver dans les mois à venir. J'espère de tout coeur que la vague de froid n'est pas aussi dure. Tes photos sont toujours douces et délicieuses.
    Belle soirée jocelyne

  9. Ciao Sandra, the snow is a rarity here with me and see it is always a wonderful event!
    I wish you a serene and smiling 8 March!