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My summertime memories III

Birini Castle

 Last summer I visited the architectonic ensemble of Birini manor.

Enclosed by ancient parks, Birini Castle, built in 1860, stands on a hill near the lake. It is a romantic place created with love, which is close to Riga.

Architectonic ensemble of Birini manor complex developed by the lake. In its origins in the 18th century complex was situated symmetrically around the yard: manor-house - at the side of the lake, at the one side - dwelling house and household building, at the other side - so called Garden Salon (1748) and Servants' House, stables and other household buildings were situated opposite the manor-house. Closed stockyard lied behind the household part, mill was situated further at the pond. Present building developed at the side of formerly closed yard by the lake in the 19th century. The Garden Salon is only non-rebuilt part of original 18th century complex that has preserved till the present day. There was regular Baroque garden planted on the slope to the lake. Present Neo-Gothic palace was built on the place of old manor-house for von Pistolkor's family in 1857-1860 by the project of architect F.V.Hese. Rich decorations of the plastic reliefs and sculptures of the main facade have been ruined at the time of the 1st World War. Stables, Granary, Water-tower, Dwelling-house, Pavilion at the lake and the Entrance Gates were erected in the same period - middle and the end of the 19th century. The richly decorated Neo-Gothic interior finish has preserved in the palace - entrance vestibule with original wooden stairs, Dining Hall with the coffered wooden ceiling and glazed ceramic tile stoves etc.
The manor park was started to create by count Mellin in the beginning of the 18th century. Obelisk memoralising his wife's grandmother, monuments for parents and von Mengden, who built the manor-house were erected in this park in the beginning of the 18th century. In the present day there has preserved only von Mellin's family vault built in 1812. The wide landscape park with the wood-park was created by baron von Pistolkors and later repaired by architect W.M.A.Engelhart. Park also has an romantic cognomen- Emilia's Park.


More information about Birini Castle available here -  http://www.birinupils.lv/en/index.php

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  1. Bardzo ciekawie i ładnie jest tam. Miejsce, gdzie udziela się ślubów jest jest romantyczne. Bardzo ładnie zdjęciami oprowadziłaś oprowadziłaś nas po interesujących miejscach. Pozdrawiam

  2. Pięknie tam, zapachniało latem, na które musimy jeszcze tyle czekać.
    Pozdrawiam serdecznie.

  3. Quel château magnifique et toutes ces fleurs en abondance, merci de nous faire découvrir les trésors de ton pays ...

  4. I always love the amazing places you travel too! What great photos yet again ...ahh summer it is snowing here in Utah :)

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  6. que de beaux jardins ! A entretenir, ça ne doit pas être évident ! Merci pour les (belles) photos !