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The legend about Rīga's key

Rīga, the capital of Latvia, was officially founded in 1201.

Rīga marks its 810th anniversary with a three-day-long celebration.

The possible locations of the key to the city of Rīga are varied and unclear - some sources state that it's been hidden away somewhere in the archives of Russia, others that it was lost in the expanses of Sweden. But, for Rīga to be safe and secure forever, it needs a key to protect it! The main event of the celebration was the creation and display of a new key made by the people of Rīga and their guests.

There was a metal forge set up.  All of the donated keys was be melted down under the supervision of metal artist into one large, strong and beautiful key.
The new key was  be created in a day and that it was be ready at about 10pm  and was be displayed to the people of Rīga in a specially created event "Legend about Rīga's Key" . 

The festival was concluding with a large fireworks show.

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  1. Feliz aniversario una ciudad muy hermosa y gracias a ti puedo viajar aunque no sea en vivo. las fotos te quedaron preciosas, me encanto todo. un abrazo.

  2. Hello, Marisol!

    It gives me great pleasure to share the joy. I am glad that you liked.

  3. How the Key of Riga was made is interesting. Architecture style, the parade... every unique, lovely thing is wonderfully taken in your images. The last fireworks are stunning.
    Happy anniversary of Riga!

    Have happy days ahead, Sandra.

  4. Hi, Yoko!

    Thanks for the greetings! The City Festival was a beautiful. I have many nice impressions.

  5. C'est une très belle légende et la clé est magnifique, quel travail !!!

    Bon week-end Sandra